Comprehensive Wealth Management

The Wealth Planning Group offers access to a wide range of wealth management services including financial planning, asset management and risk management. 

Financial Planning 

What keeps you up at night?  What gets you excited?  What are you trying to accomplish?  We're a plan-centric team who believes that managing your investments is one piece in a bigger puzzle.  

Each client relationship with the Wealth Planning Group begins with a comprehensive financial plan.  We'll start by understanding your current situation, helping you identify your goals, and then creating a plan with milestones that we monitor along the way.

From there, we'll analyze your income, expenses, portfolios, liabilities, insurance, and estate plan to help you align each piece of your financial life towards the big picture goals you have in mind.

Investment Management 

With your financial plan as our guidepost, we create investment strategies with the goal to give you the best chance of successful financial outcomes.  We create personalized benchmarks, monitor your investments on an ongoing basis, and communicate your progress to you.

Nobody can control the markets, but we can choose how to participate in them.  What we can control is allocating your assets appropriately, managing your expenses, managing your risks, remaining tax efficient, monitoring your savings or distribution targets, and making sure your short-term liquidity needs are funded with appropriately stable value dollars.

Retirement Income Planning

Our team uses an endowment-style approach to fund your retirement while also seeking to ensure you don't outlive your assets.

Using our financial models, we establish and maintain a basket of liquidity that funds your cash flow needs.  With these short-term liquidity needs managed in an effort to weather the volatility of the markets, we can allocate the remainder of your portfolio with a goal to grow intentionally and stay ahead of the rising cost of living.

Financial modeling also helps us predict your cash flow needs, so we can fund your retirement from the appropriate balance of pretax and after tax monies.

Estate Planning

We work with your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney to create and implement strategies that focus on appreciated assets, estate taxes, philanthropic goals, and ensuring an orderly transition from one generation to the next.  

Risk Management and Insurance

The financial plan determines how much risk you can afford to retain, and how much you should transfer to an insurance company.  It answers questions like “Do I need insurance?”, “What type do I need?” and “How much is appropriate?”

As an independent wealth management firm, we can shop the universe of insurance providers to find the most appropriate products to fit your individual needs.

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