You already know what is truly important in your life. Achieving financial freedom is another crucial step towards enjoying those things. Whether it's the weight of financial instability or the drive to succeed that keeps you awake at night, the Wealth Planning Group is here to assist you. Our team's role is to understand your needs and match your personal goals with investment strategies that will lead you to financial independence.

Our founding member started practice in 1978 with a guiding principle in mind: do the right thing. As our practice has grown, we have evolved our approach around this original principle. In 1990, we joined LPL Financial after they introduced a new platform that enabled its advisors to act as fiduciaries for their clients and manage their investments on a fee basis, which allowed us to align our business success with our clients' financial success.

Throughout the 1990s, technology increased the complexity of the investment world to the point where we believed that a sole financial advisor could not do everything well enough to truly act in their clients' best interests. In response, we developed a team-centric approach where rather than an office of individual producers managing their own clients, every client we have is a client of the firm as a whole.