Marc Reisman


Marc Reisman, the Founder and Principal of The Wealth Planning Group, has been associated with LPL Financial for over three decades. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF™). He studied in Holland, Italy, and Germany before earning a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Babson College. In the last decade, Marc has enjoyed attending professor-led private wealth symposiums at business schools that include the University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, MIT, UCLA, Duke, and Notre Dame.

Marc began his career with individual financial management, retirement plan management, and real estate syndications before joining LPL Financial in 1990 to offer fee-based and fiduciary advisory services. He believed that the fee-based advisory platform would allow him to act in the best interests of his clients- and among LPL's 350 advisors, Marc was among the first to start a fee-based and fiduciary wealth management practice independently.

With 41 years of experience in finance, Marc has found his biggest personal reward in listening to his clients and helping them achieve their unique goals. His expertise lies in collaborative, plan-centric wealth management, where he can develop a vision of success with the client while establishing accountability processes to achieve those desired results. He considers clients like family and has a strong conviction to do the right thing for them.

During his free time, Marc enjoys spending time with his dog, Luisa and is highly competitive when playing pickleball with his friends and family. Not a day goes by when Marc isn't active or spinning on his Peloton.


David Satkoski


David Satkoski, Portfolio Manager and Investment Analyst, has been involved in the Financial Industry through various roles within The Wealth Planning Group for the past 23 years. He holds a degree in Business Finance from Indiana University's Kelly School of Business and is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF™).

David's career at The Wealth Planning Group began as an investment analyst, but his hard work and dedication soon led to his promotion to full partner in 2005. David enjoys the dynamic investment landscape and the challenges that come with it. He is committed to helping clients achieve their personal goals by interpreting the details and various investment opportunities available in the market. In his opinion, his job is complete when the clients can enjoy every aspect of their lives without worrying about their finances.

At the office, David is passionate about tracking the investment markets, building portfolios, and monitoring results. In his free time, David enjoys almost any outdoor activity and especially values time helping his son and daughter with their respective sports of golf and tennis.

Corey Wilson


Corey Wilson, Financial Planner and Partner, started working at the Wealth Planning Group in 2012 as a Financial Analyst before becoming a partner in 2017. He holds degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Emory University.

In the office, Corey possesses the unique skill of understanding the overall objective while listening to the clients' financial aspirations. His expertise lies in creating financial models that address clients' specific concerns to develop effective solutions. He prides himself on Wealth Planning Groups' focus on multi-generation planning and their team-based approach. He believes this enables each partner to offer the best version of themselves to clients and ensures a personalized service that can cater to every situation.

Corey was born and raised in Ft. Myers, Florida, and loves living where other people vacation. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son, unwinding by playing golf, and exploring all that Ft. Myers has to offer its residents.