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Financial Planning

Each client relationship with the Wealth Planning Group begins with a comprehensive financial plan. We'll start by understanding your current situation, helping you identify your goals, and then creating a roadmap with milestones we continue to monitor. From there, we'll analyze your income, expenses, portfolios, liabilities, insurance, and estate plan to help you align each piece of your financial life towards the big-picture goals you have in mind.

Investment Management

We create personalized benchmarks to monitor your investments on an ongoing basis and communicate your progress with you. Through asset allocation, managing your expenses and risks, remaining tax efficient, monitoring your savings or distribution targets, and determining if your short-term liquidity needs are funded with stable value dollars, we help you develop a personalized and diverse investment strategy that avoids short-term distractions and, not only creates but maintains your wealth.

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Multi-Generational / Estate Planning

Estate planning passes down your values with your value and puts the fate of your legacy back in your control. Having an estate plan creates a smoother transition to take care of the next generation. We work with your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney to create and implement strategies that focus on appreciated assets, estate taxes, philanthropic goals, and ensuring an orderly transition from one generation to the next.


It's better to be prepared for something that never comes than to be caught off guard by a problem you didn't see coming. Together, we will navigate life's changes, including insurance, divorce, buying a home, charitable giving, and tax changes.

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